1996 Koreshan State Park Show

By Staff
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John Hoffman's 25 HP Fairbanks Morse Diesel.
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Randy Phinney's washing machine.
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Dennis Bechtol's Farmall tractor.
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Dave Hause's 1930 Model A.

495 Vincent Street, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada N4S 5N1

The weather in Florida had not been the greatest all winter.
Cold Arctic blasts from the north seemed to arrive each weekend
that the Florida Flywheelers had scheduled a show. Many Flywheelers
were exhausted fighting the high winds and rain that had arrived
almost every weekend. The weekend of March 16 and 17 would prove to
be the exception!

Thirty-four exhibitors set up displays starting on the 15th and
by the time the weekend was over the crowds had surpassed
everyone’s expectations. Excellent media coverage by the local
newspaper and TV brought out young and old.

The park staff was always more than willing to show off their
work on the large Fairbanks-Morse engine they are restoring. They
hope to have it running for next year’s show and eventually to
have the belted generator going, too. This equipment was left over
from the original Koreshan Settlement which fell into disuse in the
1940s. The settlement must have been quite a place in its heyday,
and is worth a visit anytime just to look into the old buildings
that were put to so many uses over the years.

The Fly wheelers set up displays showing models of
yesteryear’s tractors, trucks, cars, giant engines and
miniature trains. One could find almost anything from 1940s kitchen
appliances to ladies in flapper outfits while touring the grounds.
Sixty-four engine displays, most of which were running, lent the
smell of gas fumes and exhaust noises to the air. As usual,
children and adults alike loved to just stand and stare at the open
crankshafts as they revolved. Flat belts, running engine to
machine, were evident at many displays and were always a source for
meaningful questions. The noise of ‘oogah’ horns
occasionally startled pedestrians who strolled the large grounds
unaware of the antique autos that sometimes sneaked up behind

Two of the local members cooked a hog in an antique stove and
served it as part of the Saturday evening meal. Quite a treat for
all! The Florida Fly wheeler members in the general area of Fort
Myers always look forward to this event. The park is located just a
few miles south of that city at Highway 41 and Estero Road. Look
for signs.

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