1993 National EDGE&TA Minutes

By Staff

Secretary 43138 Road 52 Reedley, California 93654

The 1993 National meeting was held July 12, hosted by Branch 13
at Grass Valley, California. What follows is a conclusion of the
minutes of that meeting.

At this point, President Versteeg asked for full cooperation
from the branch officers that they answer all mail requests and to
complete all questionnaires mailed to them from the National. In
the past only a small percentage of requests have been completed
and returned to the National. A motion was made from the floor
stating that all branch officers should perform the duties which
their offices required and whatever duties their branches asked
them to perform. Motion seconded and carried.

Next, the question was brought up asking where the National dues
were spent. President Versteeg explained in full detail just what
our major expenses are and also that the National secretary was
entitled (as stated in by-laws) to 10% of the National dues for his
services in keeping records and all other services required.
Versteeg furthermore expressed the disappointment that there were
no other condidates for National Office and the incumbents ran
unopposed. He expressed his desire that there should be at least
two candidates for each office.

All incumbent National officers were reelected by written
ballot. Election was certified by the membership.

A motion was made from the floor that the National recommend the
following addition to their safety guidelines: No boy or girl be
allowed to operate power driven equipment at any show (branch
function) who is under the age of 14. This motion was seconded but
was responded to with some opposition claiming that many youngsters
who had driving experience on their home farms were well capable of
driving at public shows. Further response was presented that we
encourage our young ones to assist in the restoration and
exhibition of our equipment but forbid them to operate power driven
vehicles in parades. After considerable discussion the question was
called for and the motion was defeated.

President Versteeg suggested that the mileage allowances for the
National officers remain for this year at 0.25 per mile to and from
the National Meeting. Motion was made, seconded and carried.


Bruce Rogers, executive director of Branch 14, presented an
invitation to host the 1994 National Show and Business Meeting on
September 22, 23, 24, & 25, 1994 at West Jordan, Utah, with the
business meeting scheduled for 7:00 p.m., September 24. This
invitation was accepted with thanksgiving.

President Versteeg asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. A
motion was made to that effect, seconded and carried.

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