1989 M.R.V.S.E.A. Show

By Staff
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1936 UC owned by Robert Freidrich, Boonville, MO.
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Best restored on steel: 1930 Continental U, serial #4824.

Rt. 2, Box84A California, Missouri 65018

The Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association of Boonville,
Missouri held its 26th annual action reunion September 7, 8, 9, and
10, 1989. In addition to the regular show, special features for
1989 were: Advance Rumely steamers, Allis Chalmers line tractors
and equipment, and Witte engines. About 400 exhibitors from some
ten or more states gathered to ‘show their goodies’ to
approximately 4,000 spectators who braved the rain showers and
muddy conditions. Three-plus inches of rain fell Friday, Friday
night, and Saturday morning. While the rain and mud did hurt our
attendance a little and somewhat dampened our spirits for a while,
the show did go on as planned. A great time was had by all who
attended, and another good M.R.V.S.E.A. show became history. The
only events that had to be cancelled were: horse farming
demonstrations, plowing demonstrations, and our first-ever horse
pull. Threshing was done between showers; the sawmill continued
operating as usual as it is under roof. Engine and tractor displays
were not greatly affected. The tractor pulls went off as scheduled,
although they were a little messy. Our fiddlers contest, great
food, and excellent fellowship was enjoyed by all as expected.
Sunday turned out to be a great day and we made the most of it.

Our features drew a lot of attention again this year. Draft,
work, and pulling horses were represented by 28 teams. These
animals normally put on impressive demonstrations, as well as
looking great.

Steam had seventeen representatives. Three of these were feature
line units. The Advance Rumely feature honors went to the Lenny
Bruns family of Fulton, Missouri for their 1919 20 HP engine. This
one was a real beauty. The best restored steam honors went to Earl
Haller of Boonville, Missouri for his nice Harrison Jumbo engine.
The Turnbull family of Rushville, Missouri also took top honors for
their model steam engines, scale sawmill, and steam truck.

The tractor displays boasted over 250 tractors. Eighty-four of
these were of the Allis Chalmers feature or related lines. I
believe almost every Allis Chalmers model from the 6-12 to the D
series was represented, except the 10-18, and possibly Monarch
Crawlers. It was an impressive display of the Orange to say the
least. The Association’s own 30-60 Aultman-Taylor was quite an
attraction with her new paint. Four different sized Rumely Oil
Pulls graced the grounds. There were 6-12’s, E’s, U’s,
A’s, C’s, B’s, CA’s, RC’s, WF’s, WC’s,
WD’s, UC’s, G’s, Rumely 6A’s, BI’s,
LeRoi’s, power units, crawlers, and others I know I have failed
to mention. AC toys, pedal tractors, signs, banners, flags, books,
and other memorabilia rounded out the feature display and tent. The
AC feature display honors went to Gary Louk of Bush City, Kansas
for his P201 power unit and AC handmade quilt. Honorable mention
for the AC feature display went to William and Helen Winkelman of
Arenzville, Illinois for their complete AC pedal tractor and toy
display-very, very nice. Best restored tractor on steel was
captured by Lee Schmidt of California, Missouri, on his finely
restored 1930 Continental U. Leon and Paul Meyer of St. Genevieve,
Missouri took best restored tractor on rubber with their beautiful
1938 WF.

Many people contributed to making an outstanding feature; I
cannot mention each one, but I do feel it necessary to mention a
few. The Gooding families of Cairo, Missouri brought several
outstanding AC tractors and the equipment to go with them. Larry
Holmes of Kahoka brought us two fine rare tractors, his 1923 15-25
and his model U orchard model. Larry Harper of ‘Missouri
Ruralist’ fame brought us a very nice late model U restored by
Larry Traxler of Columbia, Missouri. Win Kallenbach, ‘The
Tractor Man’ of Russellville, brought his nice Model A. Ron
Eggan of Loman brought AC toys and books galore. Mark Johndrow of
Ark City, Kansas, Virgil Gardner of Columbia, Missouri, Wayne
Howard of California, Missouri, J.I. Akeman of Slater, Missouri,
and many others brought us many more finely restored AC machines.
Henderson Implement Co. of Columbia, Missouri furnished the new
Deutz-Allises for a contrast comparison between old and new.

Engine displays consisted of approximately 400 engines. The
Witte feature honors were collected by Glen Wright of Grandview,
Missouri. Best restored Witte engine honors were won by Bud and
Mary Kliethermes of Marshal, Missouri. Best restored engine honors
went to Jim Phillips of St. Peters, Missouri.

The tractor pulls hosted over 150 entries.

Twenty antique cars and trucks also competed on Sunday
afternoon, with their own little show.

Our new large engine museum was opened to the public for the
first time. The main attraction there was the Association’s own
newly restored St. Marys one cylinder diesel engine. This engine is
huge, and always pleases the crowds with its perfect smoke rings.
Several additions are in the works for the new engine museum
including the completion of our Skinner steam engine and generator,
hopefully by the 1990 show.

This progressive club, through its versatility of events at the
show, advance planning, and hard work, turned a near rain-out into
yet another prosperous and great show. We sincerely thank all of
our exhibitors and the viewing public for their support and
attendance. Give us good weather for 1990 and watch out, we’re
on fire!

The 1990 27th annual show and reunion will feature Nichols and
Shepard steam engines, the Oliver and Hart Parr tractor and
equipment line, and Monitor gas engines. The show dates will be
September 6, 7, 8, and 9. It will be fine, rain or shine. I
guarantee. Hope to see you there!

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