Oct 23, 2021

Wanted: Hot Air Engines. Rider-Ericsson,
Bremen, Denny etc. 419-789-1159 or jon@sideshaft.com (OH)

Wanted: Saw Blade for a Witte drag/
draw saw. 402-639-4388 or email me
at dewittzz@aol.com. IA

Wanted: Good sideshaft engines
including: Columbus, Callahan or
Springfield engines, any size or condition.
419-789-1159 or jon@sideshaft.com (OH)

Wanted: Mixer (Carb) for 3Hp Emerson-
Brantingham type: EZ Engine. Any
information on this engine is appreciated.
540-635-5220. VA

Like to buy any type of old farm equipment, one piece or whole collection, salesman samples, country store, corn shellers, anything farm related, advertising signs, old wood signs. Leave message 574-304-4587.

Wanted: Wayne Grenning vertical auto
models. Also any other models. Call Dave
815-246-4545. IL

Want to buy Chase Manufacturing
Company, Mason City, Iowa made
engines and advertising. My registry of
Chase Mfg, Co. engines contains
engines: 9, 49, 52, 96, 101, 599, and 805
as of June 2021. Email: rogerwhite57@gmail.com. WY

Looking for old hit miss engines, parts,
models and/or entire collections. 614-
306-0908 or gasenginetom@hotmail.com (OH)


Published on Oct 23, 2021

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