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Wanted: Hot Air Engines. Rider-Ericsson,
Bremen, Denny etc. 419-789-1159 or jon@sideshaft.com (OH)

Wanted: Good sideshaft engines
including: Columbus, Callahan or
Springfield engines, any size or condition.
419-789-1159 or jon@sideshaft.com (OH)

Wanted: Moline Plow Company/ Flying
Dutchman Hit and Miss Engines. Call
Brian 608-438-2736. WI

Want to buy Chase Manufacturing
Company, Mason City, Iowa made
engines and advertising. My registry of
Chase Mfg, Co. engines contains
engines: 9, 49, 52, 96, 101, 599, and 805
as of June 2021. Email: rogerwhite57@gmail.com. WY

3 1/2 horsepower Lister Low Speed
bought from John Richmond Estate in
OH. Steel cart. Contact Buck Evans 933
Equire Ave. Greenville, IL 62246.

Tecumseh 27255 governor spring for Reo
M541 Snowblower engine. New, Used.
Bob Shields, 100 Pleasant Street.
McFalls, ME 04256. 207-346-6791.

Looking for old hit miss engines, parts,
models and/or entire collections. 614-
306-0908 or gasenginetom@hotmail.com (OH)

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