Auction Results from the Lake Side Farms Tractor and Engine Collection by Aumann Auctions

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This 1912 International Harvester Mogul Jr. Tractor 15-25 sold for a top bid of $450,000. 

Some top sellers from the Lake Side Farms Tractor and Engine Collection Auction: 
1912 International Harvester Mogul Jr. 15-25 tractor:  $450,000
1888 Crossley-Otto slide-valve 2 hp engine with piano base: $320,000
1922 Rumely Oil Pull Model K 12-20: $65,000
New Era Little Giant 6 hp engine: $40,000
Caterpillar 30 with swap tracks: $37,500
IHC Titan sideshaft 4 hp engine: $32,500
Dieter 15 hp portable engine: $22,500

A porcelain John Deere Farm Implements sign sold for $3,500. 

Mid-range sellers: 
Advanced Rumely color poster, framed under glass: $4,500
John Deere Farm Implements sign (porcelain): $3,500
Fairbanks Morse Z, 10 hp hopper-cooled portable engine: $3,000
1927 John Deere 3 hp  engine: $2,900
NOS Auto-Sparker in original wooden box with original instructions: $1,500
1911 Gruber box wagon, original condition with original paint: $1,200
Original Texaco Ethyl glass gas globe: $1,000 

This bulletin for a Twin-City Tractor School sold for $70. 

Low-range sellers: 
Bowser Red Sentry curb pump, restored: $800
Stickney 1-3/4 hp engine cart in very good condition with all-original finish: $650
Framed Hart-Parr Vertical Single-cylinder advertising page: $525
1920 Avery Motor Farming, Threshing & Road Building Machinery catalog – $200
Bulletin for the Tractor School of Twin City Tractors – $70
1839Hendrick Mfg. Co. Invoice and 1930 John Deere Invoice – $50 
Rumley 12-20 OilPull Tractor Canadian Repair Price List No. 24 – $25

Published on Oct 24, 2012

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