John Wilcox and His Big Gas Engines

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By George Kepher | Sep 1, 1966

Some men are content to collect washing machine engines, which is well and good, but John Wilcox of 17 Deland Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, is doing a good job of preserving the large ones as well, as this photo shows.

The wheels on the left with the disc crank belong to a 12-inch bore by 24-inch stroke 35 H.P. 160 R.P.M. Klein gas engine built in 1898 by the National Transit Pump and Machine Company of Oil City, Pennsylvania. The fly wheels are 6 feet 10 inches in diameter, weighs 9 tons!

The center set of wheels are from a 14-inch bore by 24-inch stroke 50 H.P. White and Middleton gas engine built in Baltimore in 1897. They are 7-1/2 feet in diameter. Notice they have 8 spokes instead of the usual 6.

The last set of flywheels back of John are 6 feet in diameter from a 13-inch bore by 22-inch stroke 35 H.P. 170 R.P.M. Columbus gas engine made by the Columbus Machine Company, Ohio, in 1901.

All three are natural gas engines with make, and ignition, not exactly the kind you would keep in your back yard or garage. John has them assembled now and under cover but not running yet.

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