Letter: My Engine Collection

By Staff
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This is my International model LA running Fairbanks Morsegenerator. Courtesy of Mr. Robert Hayes, Muscatine, Iowa.
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This is a Fairbanks Morse 600 Watt Generator, 36 V. 16 AMP.
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This is my copper fin 8C3 800 watt Delco.
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This mail box base is remains of Fuller Johnson 1 1/2Hp.
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Here is a picture of my four Case cross motor tractors. Fromleft to right they are as follows: 40-72, 22-40, 18-32 and 12-20. 

Upon learning of this publication, I thought my engine collection might be of interest to you. My own experience has been with the gas engine entirely,
although as a youngster I can remember the last threshing rig in
the neighborhood, Reeves engine rest unknown.

As a youngster I was always fascinated by the Delco Light
Plants, always liked to hear them thumping away. We rented, so
naturally we had to put up with kerosene lamps and lanterns and pump
water with a Galloway.

It wasn’t until I got to about high school age that I got
around to rigging up a little portable electric plant.

I helped ship a good many Delcos,
Westinghouse, Phelps, Fairbanks Morse and a few others up to Fargo,
North Dakota during World War II. Wish I had just a sampling of those units on hand

My present collection includes several Delco 850-8c3 copper
fin, 800 L head, about a dozen small washing engines, 32 volt
appliances, 2 hopper cooled jobs.

Main interest is in the 32 volt farr lighting equipment,
especially the smaller portable plants, radios, and the like.

I still run a radio
and a metal lath off my copper fin 8C3 800 watt Delco.

Mr. Walter C. Bieritz of Yorkville, Illinois has my four Case Cross motor tractors. They are as follows: 40-72, 22-40, 18-32 and 12-20.
The 40-72 was built in 1923 and is in good shape. It wouldn’t
take much fixing to make it run. The 22-40 is the oldest one as it
was made in 1920 and it runs fine. The 18-32 and 12-20 both are
real nice and run able. They were probably built in about 1925 or

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