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War Wagon

Kermit Lee Nash Jr.

Custom-Made Engine Transporter Inspired by NASCAR

Yukon Dreams

Jerry Bryde

A 1941 Case LA Surfaces Deep in the Yukon Territory

Fordson Hoist Tractors

Jack Heald

With the Success of the Fordson Tractor

Tractor Wrestling in Vermont

David Scott

Hardly a Sport, Only a Lucky Few Survive Even One Round


The Making of a Mini McCormick Tractor

Chester Leighton

Steel-Wheeled Tractors Plowing the Prairie

The Bull With the Pull

David J. Domes

The Big Bull Tractor: 1915-1920

The Kaywood Tractor

Robert Hall Jr.

A Three-Wheeled Kaywood had been hinted at in the Past

Fond du Lac Tractor Conversion

John Dudley

Brief Period in the Teens and 1920s