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Frick Tractor Factory

Frick was working feverishly to move into the new and growing gas tractor market

Fordson Engine Conversions

Jack Heald

Converting Ford Tractors to V-8 Power

Picture From the Past

Gene L. McLaughlin

Frick 15-28 Gas Tractor

Photo Mystery - IHC Titan?

What's interesting to us is the tractor, which appears to be an IHC Titan


The Mysterious Case SI

Kirk Unzelman

A 1948 Case SI with Steel Wheels


Case's first major entry in the gasoline tractor

Still Working

Ed Stoller

A second McCormick-Deering 10-20 hidden in a pile of brush

The Rest of the Story

Robert Hall Jr.

Restored Kaywood Three-Wheeler, Locdlly Made Tractors Stars of Michigan Show