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From Creators to Collectors

Franklin Lee Roof Jr.

The Foos Manufacturing Co. Scientific -- A Rare Engine Comes to Light in an Unlikely Guise

Farmall F12 Tractor Restoration

By Duane M. Reynolds

One year and two tractors later, a stunning Farmall F12 tractor comes back to life.

The Color of Tractors

Jack Heald

Sorting Out the Many Flavors of Fordsons

Old Ads - A Blast From the Past

The virtues of the Rex spark plug are touted


Looking for Utilitors

Joe Smith

Collecting Utilitor Garden Tractors

David Bradley Tractors

Terry E. Strasser

David Bradley left his mark on the American agricultural revolution with his walk-behind tractor and other agricultural implements.

A Continental Tractor

Kathy Falls

Are There Any Left?

Tragedy in Medina, Ohio

Richard Backus

A Case 110 Steam Tractor Explodes Killing Five People