| September/October 1999

James J. Newberry (whose e-mail address is: jjnewberry@usa.net) sent us an e-mail last April, which included the pictures on this page, of his Worthington tractor, #A581. Here is the text of his inquiry, which led to the article about Worthington

'Right now I'm trying to get as much information on these tractors as I can. As you can see, the machine is pretty much all there. It runs, I take it for a spin just about every day. I didn't think it would be as hard as it is to find out what one of these things looks like.

'The greatest thing would be if someone out there had some advertisement literature. Then we would know just what it looked like from the factory.

'From what I'm told there were no fenders or headlights on it, so what I really need to know is how the floor boards and seat were made

'I've taken off the modern parts and replaced them with proper period parts. I have a set of Model A wheels to put on it, the ones in the picture are V8 wheels. I put those on it to play around and not mess up the good ones, which I put on my Model A station wagon.'

Mr. Newberry goes on to say he'll put a story together when he's got his tractor restored and that we could share the photos with anyone else who might be looking for Worthington lawn tractor info. We thought printing some of the photos in the magazine in color might be helpful to others.