| November/December 1999

When we had an inquiry about the Worthington tractor mower, we discovered a fair amount of company background, which we published in the September 1999, issue of GEM.

Our article prompted James B. Ricci to send us information on the Worthington Register, 'a non-profit organization formed to promote active interest in the history, preservation, and restoration of equipment by the Worthington Mower Company, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.'

Worthington tractors which are the focus of the club's interest are models T, A, B, C, G, and F, along with related mowing equipment. The models G and F were designed and manufactured after Jacobson Manufacturing Company purchased the company after the founder's death in 1944. Jacobson continued the Worthington name for some time.

'The basis of the Worthington Register is to identify remaining Worthington tractors and equipment and encourage the fun of restoring and driving these unique and historically significant machines. The Worthington News is published three times per year providing a voice for historical and technical information as well as means of exchange between members. An annual meeting of members and equipment is scheduled at Northeast regional antique gas engine and tractor shows for all to meet, display their equipment, and share information.'

If you would like to join the club, write to The Worthington Register, Gary Mower, 362 Sir Walter Drive, Cheshire, Connecticut 06410. Mower is apparently the head of the club, and he can also be reached via internet at: gary.d.mower@snet.net.

Mr. Ricci adds, 'Just in case you might be interested, for the past six plus years, I have been working on a book project about the reel lawn mower as manufactured in the United States of America. The reel lawn mower was patented in England in 1830 and first produced here about 1856. To date about 150 companies in the USA have been identified. The horse-drawn reel lawn mower was patented in Scotland in 1842 with the first motor mowers (both gasoline and steam) being made in the very early 1890s.

9/10/2010 9:47:08 AM

i need a wheel for drag type reel mower. it's about 4ft. the inside of the hub is a hexagon. wheel size is 4.80-12. can any one help............................thanks...jw


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