World Record Attempt Authenticated

| August/September 2000

Guinness World Records now recognizes the attempt on the world record which was made 10 April 1999, during the South African vintage agricultural machinery show known as 'The Great 100 Working.'

A letter from Guinness World Records dated 29 February 2000 confirms that they recognize that South Africa now holds the world record for having the largest number of tractors with the widest range operating in the same field at the same time.

The certificate reads, 'A world record total of 106 tractors with an age ranging from a 1909 Rumely OilPull to a 1999 Bell 2808C, ploughed in the same field at the same time at Sandstone Estates, Hoekfontein, Easton Free State, South Africa, on 10 April 1999.'

One hundred and six drivers of the different machines will also receive a copy of the certificate to commemorate their participation in this event.

A previous article on 'The Great 100 Working' appeared in the February 2000 issue of GEM, page 10.

This attempt on the world record is featured in the video on 'The Great 100 Working' and is available from the following contact in the United States: Roger Capper, telephone 407-886-7751, fax: 407-886-7752.