Wishes Do Come True

By Staff
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After pleading and begging for information on a Shaw Du-All tractor with no results, I was about to give up on restoring it.

R.D. #3 Louisville, Ohio 44641.

Whoever owned the tractor took the motor off of it.

A friend of mine was going to scrap it. Being a lover of tired
iron, I brought it home. I asked, as I said, for information, near
and far.

It has a wide V belt to connect the motor to gearing to propel
it. I asked the previous owner when the motor was removed and what
happened to the V belt pulley that was on the motor. He told me he
knew where the motor was. The reason for removing it was that it
would not run. I thought I was up another dark alley.

One day the phone rang and I was asked to come to his place. He
had found the motor that was taken from the Shaw. The motor was
free, but no spark. I took it to a friend of mine who has a mower
repair business. He found a coil for it. Now it runs.

Still hoping somewhere, someplace, I was at a loss what move to
make in my restoration.

I cleaned the tractor all off, replaced and repaired what I saw
was damaged, then I took a long look at it and decided to figure
out how to motivate it for use.

What was needed was the bottom plate the motor sat on. Fearing
using it without that plate as it hung on one end, I studied the
problem and I welded a plate to the front brace, discovering that
it pivoted on the frame. I measured the distance from front brace
to lifting arm on back of the motor. Using my power hack saw I cut
a piece to length and welded the three pieces together.

Now I have the clutch operating. Some parts and bolts were
missing. I had castings made and everything that was bent was
aligned to original condition. I put a new throttle cable on, as
the original was taken off. Everything else is original as

My tractor is all painted and looks as good, or maybe better,
than originally built. When I was able to take it outside I took
some pictures of it to show you GEM readers.

Another rare garden tractor salvaged; too good to scrap! Shaw
made good equipment. The man I got it from wants to buy it back! No

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