Wishes Do Come True

| April/May 1991

  • Shaw Du-All tractor
    After pleading and begging for information on a Shaw Du-All tractor with no results, I was about to give up on restoring it.

  • Shaw Du-All tractor

R.D. #3 Louisville, Ohio 44641.

Whoever owned the tractor took the motor off of it.

A friend of mine was going to scrap it. Being a lover of tired iron, I brought it home. I asked, as I said, for information, near and far.

It has a wide V belt to connect the motor to gearing to propel it. I asked the previous owner when the motor was removed and what happened to the V belt pulley that was on the motor. He told me he knew where the motor was. The reason for removing it was that it would not run. I thought I was up another dark alley.

One day the phone rang and I was asked to come to his place. He had found the motor that was taken from the Shaw. The motor was free, but no spark. I took it to a friend of mine who has a mower repair business. He found a coil for it. Now it runs.

Still hoping somewhere, someplace, I was at a loss what move to make in my restoration.