Why We Brought An Old Cletrac Back To Life

| January/February 1990

  • Cletrac Model K crawler tractor
  • Cletrac Model K crawler tractor

  • Cletrac Model K crawler tractor
  • Cletrac Model K crawler tractor

889 San Antonio Crk. Road Santa Barbara, California 93111

This 1928 Cletrac Model K crawler tractor, serial #5804, was restored by me and my son Richard. I wanted to restore a Cletrac, because my father used this very model on our ranch when I was a kid.

We found the Cletrac on a ranch north of ours, made a deal with the owner, and came home with it one day about two years ago. Everything seemed to be there under all of the rust.

As I have said, this tractor has a lot of sentimental value. One like it was used on our ranch in Goleta, California, by my father (Richard's grandfather). The pleasure of restoring this tractor with my son, to see it on the ranch again, was a great experience.

We disassembled the entire tractor and went through the whole process. It took the usual labor, hard work and an incredible amount of time. We finished two years later.

The Cletrac is one of the smallest, most compact trac-laying models of its generation. We brought our Cletrac back to life, restored it for its sentimental value, and we are pleased beyond explanation.