Who Knows What?

| January/February 1969

Lucht Athens, Illinois 62613

I certainly do enjoy reading the Gas Engine Magazine and since I am especially interested in the history of tractors, I wonder if any reader has a Minneapolis 39-57 tractor? There is a Nebraska test report on this tractor in the 1929 'Red Tractor Book', but no picture of it.

Since I started collecting tractor literature in the spring of 1939, I have catalogs on some tractors that would be rather scarce today. I was a pastor in North Dakota for two years and while I was out there, I saw tractors such as Mc-Cormick-Deering W-40 and WD-40, Minneapolis Moline FTA and UTS, Oliver 90 and 99 and John Deere 15-27. If any reader owns these makes, I would like to see pictures of them.

There are two tractors that have always fascinated me and if any reader owns either one, I would like to correspond with them. The engines are the 'Huber' HK Special and Eagle 6A.

When I was a boy on a farm near La Valle, Wisconsin, our neighbor used an 18-32 Case tractor for threshing. I was not able to find a picture of it to send in for publication, but I would like to hear from anyone that owns one.

Another tractor that was used for threshing was the 'Coop' No. 3 which was assembled by the Farmers Union Central Exchange in St. Paul, Minnesota. Here again, I do not own a picture so if anyone has one, send it in for publication.