Wheel horse Reclaimed

| December/January 1998

HC 69, Box 35, Pine Ridge, Arkansas 71966

I recently bought this Wheel Horse tractor at auction. The former owner only owned it two years, and knew little about it. I would appreciate knowing what model it is, so I can find parts.

I would like to know if a belly mower was ever made for it, and most of all, I need to know the shape of the wire belt brakes that mount on the engine and stop the belt in order to shift gears.

This Wheel Horse is a 10 HP Kohler, three-speed forward, with 640-15 rear bar tread tires. It also has a hydraulic lift, and is serial #42299.

I have been told Toro now supplies Wheel Horse parts for older tractors. Other readers might enjoy knowing this. When I find out the model of the tractor, I will soon find out if Toro does have parts.

I painted the tractor with Rust-Oleum Regal Red and Rust-Oleum Almond. I used spray cans and a China bristle brush. Primer was Rust-Oleum Rusty Metal Primer. Not bad for a farm job.