What Do You Do When It's Minus 32 Degrees Outside?

| October/November 1995

Submitted by W. K. Sherlock

Box 144, Maymont, Saskatchewan, Canada SOM 1T0

So what DO you do when it's minus 32 degrees? Well, these old boys from Saskatchewan, Canada, like to go Deere hunting. This John Deere 'D' sat on a fence line on the back forty for 45 years. However, six weeks after this find, the 'D' was sporting new paint and decals and kept a 2/4 beat as well as any marching band around. What began as a fund raising project for a new community center in a village of 200 people has blossomed into an enthusiastic winter pastime for more than 20 local volunteers. This tractor and a 22-36 McCormick-Deering were both ready for the lucky winner of the September 1st, 1995 drawing.

Plans are already underway for the winter of 1996 with six more tractors and 30 more volunteers. A Rock Island and Rumely Oil Pull are already drawing a lot of attention. Most folks don't look forward to five months of ice and snow, but the folks around Maymont, Saskatchewan, can hardly wait! More information can be obtained about this project from Bill Sherlock, Box 144, Maymont, Saskatchewan, Canada SOM 1T0, phone (306) 389-2017. We always appreciate the support and a visit from our American neighbors. Drop in and say hi, if you are on the Yellow head to Alaska.