Wendel Blockbuster on International Harvester


| September/October 1981

  • International Harvester

  • International Harvester

C. H. Wendel, who has made himself known for research and writing on farm equipment, comes up with a hefty new landmark book, '150 Years of International Harvester.'

Wendel is already acclaimed for his 'Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors,' published by Crestline. This new one is also a Crestline project-416 pages, about 2,000 photos, and enough information to keep you reading for a month of Sundays.

The fruit of two years of intensive study, this volume helps mark the 150th anniversary of Cyrus Hall McCormick's invention of the reaper. McCormick's inventive and business genius built the International Harvester enterprise into a world-girdling company. Wendel puts his emphasis not so much on the company, as on its products.

Here are some of the features that bring Wendel justifiable pride:

Coverage of all equipment from automobiles and air-conditioners through cotton pickers, mowers, tractors to windrowers;

116 pages of all International Harvester/McCormick Deering tractors;