| July/August 1988

  • Zig Wojda and Fred Bloom
    Members Zig Wojda and Fred Bloom binding oats for the show.
  • 1986 Alpena show
    Part of the engine row at the 1986 Alpena show.

  • Zig Wojda and Fred Bloom
  • 1986 Alpena show

11457 Bellbay Hwy RR Alpena, Michigan, 49707

Can we do it? Put on a show? Fred Bloom, Jim Geddert and Jim Wojda asked themselves after they had participated in the Bolton Centennial (1982) with their tractors, gas engines and sawmill.

For many years they had attended other shows with their equipment and now it was decided they should hold a show in this area of the state, the Northeast corner. Because there were no shows in this part of this state it would provide a chance for the younger people to see the old time machinery and the older people could relive the past.

Now they were ready to try it for themselves. The problems were solved one by one, the time and the place. Larry Dubey provided the place and the time was set for the second weekend of August.

Then the fun began! Flyers had to be printed and distributed, and exhibitors invited. Suffice to say this was accomplished and the show was held. There were eleven tractors, approximately 25 gas engines and old cars. We made enough money to have another show.

The main attraction was a 25-40 Rumely Oil Pull Tractor that had been sitting in the woods for thirteen years. Fred and Jim had it completely restored in five months.