Waterloo Boy Restored

| November/December 1984

  • Waterloo Boy

  • Waterloo Boy

2718 CR 120, Craig, Colorado 81625

I was looking for parts for an Alamo engine that my dad gave me. I decided the best person to ask would be Val Fitzpatrick as he was the oldest 'old timer' that I knew of94 or 95 at the time.

Val didn't know of any Alamo, but he did know of a Waterloo Boy tractor. He hadn't seen it in about 20 years.

About this time I got in touch with Bob Arembell, a large land owner in this area and he drew me a map of where he thought the old tractor was.

After taking a bunch of wrong turns and starting over a number of times, I was thinking the junk man must have beat me. We finally made the right turn and there the junk was. What was left of it.

One big mistake I made at the start was I didn't have my camera. You should always have a before and after picture. I can't begin to describe the condition of my tractor.