Waterloo Boy Restored

| November/December 1975

Lower Village, Blunsdon, Swindon, Wilts, England

Photos of the Waterloo Boy Tractor. I attended four shows with this tractor since restored and won four trophies..

As a reader of G.E.M. I thought that fellow readers and friends would be interested in the story of restoration of my Waterloo Boy Tractor.

I purchased Lot No. 397 the parts of an Overtime Tractor at a farm sale in November 1972. The Overtime Tractor, the Auctioneer cried out, as rusty and dirty as ever it could be much of it missing, no radiator, no mag, no carburetor, no fuel tank! (You will never get that going all my friends, said).

Restoration started July 1973. I travelled the country for parts which now are not easily found. The crankshaft had to be ground, the cylinder block had been bored at some time and my pistons were too slack, so the block was bored again and sleeved, the sleeves being turned out of cast water pipe.

Certain parts were cast at a local foundry; a new fuel tank had to be made. All new cases for bearings in the gear box which was completely empty of gears to start with, had to be placed. I had to make new mudguards or fenders.

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