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An avid fan of the Wallis tractor is E. F. Schmidt, 180 W.
Kibler Street, Bluffton, OH 45817. Schmidt’s unusual collection
includes a model of every Wallis made by J. I. Case Plow Works
until Massey Harris bought the firm in 1928. The large Wallis Bear
shown on this page was the cover photo of the July/August 1966
issue ofGEM.

‘I purchased this tractor in 1962,’ says Schmidt,
‘and it has been to two or more shows every year since. I keep
it well maintained and in good running condition.’

The twelve Wallis tractors in the photo at the above of this
page are, from left to right: 1910(?) Bear, 1913 Cub, 1915 Cub Jr.,
1918 model K, 1922 model OK, 1926 model OK, early Certified 1927,
and late Certified, 1930,12-20,1929 to 1931 (this tractor was made
to 1935 with the Massey Harris name), M-H Pacemaker 1935-37, M-H
Pacemaker 1938, model 25 M-H 1932-38.

All of these tractors have been restored by Schmidt, and he
reports that they are all in excellent running condition.

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