| May/June 1993

3455 Behymer Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45245

'The Massey-Harris Ferguson Story,' Told by Michael Williams, Farming Press Videos, $34.95

It was exciting to see a new video released on a subject long ignored, but in reviewing the 55 minute video documentary, I was disappointed. Omitted was the factory at Racine, Wisconsin, the WWII models, and how Massey-Harris pioneered the combine and formed the 'Harvest-Brigade' which helped feed the U.K. during the war.

A film clip of a 1953 promo was shown depicting the 1946 line of Massey-Harris tractors. Omitted were the history of the Massey-Harris Ferguson merger, the two tractor divisions and models from '46-'58. This is like doing a history on the United States omitting the Civil War, Reconstruction and Teddy Roosevelt! There was no mention of 'Wild Harvest-Massey Collector News'.

Quality of the product was excellent, as was the photo and historical content. The narration by Michael Williams is easy to follow and listen to, but the $35.00 price tag seems high.

Maybe another 'Massy-Harris Story Part II' could be done by Farming Press Videos, filling in what is left out.