| March/April 1972

  • Utilitor Model 4
    Courtesy of John Harper, 5801 Salem Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45426.
    John Harper

  • Utilitor Model 4

5801 Salem Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45426.

I read with much interest the article by Mr. Norton of Brewster, Kansas concerning his Utilitor Tractor in your Nov-Dec. issue. Due to the fact that we have owned Utilitors, we thought that perhaps we could add some information on this company and its machines that could be of interest to Mr. Norton and other readers.

The machine that Mr. Norton describes is Model 7 using a Mid-West engine. By the date stamp, this tractor was assembled in Miamisburg, Ohio. The machine was designed by the Mid-West Tractor Company of Indianapolis and produced there until 1918. Then Mid-West moved to Miamisburg and became the Utilitor Tractor Company with offices in Dayton, Ohio. The company continued to use in stock housings with the Indianapolis stamp which accounts for the discrepancy in dates. In the early 20s they improved this two wheel tractor, the Model 8, using a Novo engine with the same basic design. Into the early 30s they had five models of this machine.

In 1934 they came out with one of the first forerunners of the modern day lawn tractors, 'The Model 4 Rider'. It used the same drive and clutch turning as their two-wheelers. This tractor is powered with an AC-4 Wisconsin engine. A 4 cylinder in line air cooled engine rated at 12 HP. This tractor was put out on rubber and had one of the first full floating front axles for stability.

Upon the death of the owner in 1938, the Utilitor Tractor Company as such was disbanded, but many of their designs and patents was bought by the L. M. Mott Company of Huntington, West Virginia and incorporated into their line.

We hope this information will be of some interest to your readers and we would welcome any information and comment on this Model 4 or latter models.