Unknown Tractor Update

By Staff

In the September issue (page 14), we asked for our readers’
help in identifying an engine for Douglas Piro at the
Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. Mr. Piro
informs us that he received many letters, most offering the opinion
that this tractor is a Big 4 ‘Thirty’. Although there are
many similarities, the Museum staff are certain that this is not
one of them. Mr. Piro writes: ‘We have a Big 4 ‘Thirty’
in our collection to which we have compared this tractor. The most
striking difference is size, with the unknown tractor being quite a
bit smaller. Other differences include the final drive, belt pulley
location, wheel design and front axle design.’

Mr. Piro has concluded that the tractor is a prototype of some
kind and may be related to the Imperial Mfg. Co., Gas Traction Co.,
and/or Strite Tractor Co., all of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This idea
is partially based on pictures and information in the
Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors by C. H. Wendel.
Thanks to all who wrote to Mr. Piro. He will keep us posted on any
new developments or information regarding this tractor.

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