| September/October 1985

Recently, we received a letter from Douglas Piro, at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Old Courthouse, 4705-50th Ave., Wetasikiwin, Alberta, Canada T9A 0R8, seeking information for a project. Douglas' project involves the selection of donated artifacts from Stan Reynolds' collection, which will become part of a Government museum.

One of the possible selections is the unknown tractor pictured on this page. Piro needs help in making an identification of the tractor, and offers the following information on it:

Engine: Four cycle, four cylinder vertical, cast in pairs; L-head valve arrangement; solid heads; high tension magneto ignition; water cooled using radiator, fan and centrifugal pump; lubrication: splash and force feed by sight feed mechanical lubricator.

Clutch: Open expanding show.

Transmission: Appears to be selective spur gear.

Final Drive: Sprockets and roller chains enclosed in sheet metal cases.