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Secretary, W. Midlands Group Natrional Vintage Tractor and
Stationary Engine Club 5 Minett Avenue, Rushwick, Worcester,
England WR2 5TQ

I thought I would send you a few photos of my ex-U.S. Air Force
McCormick 38 HP I6 Special, new in 1941. At sometime after the War,
it was used by the NATO Air Force, as it said on it when found:
U.S. Air Force, Strategic Air Command, 42D, 1212. It was later
stencilled above P.T.O. SAC BNAFB or Strategic Air Command British
NATO Air Force Base.

I found her in a disused hanger on the 100 acre farm the U.S.
Air Force had given back to the farmer. She was rough, very rough,
except the engine which started straight away after all those

The tractor is fitted with hydraulic drum brakes, hand slewing
handbrakes, and power train overdrive, but no pulley. It does 40
mph in 5th forward gear. The handbrake operates on flywheel with
the clutch (between engine and gearbox). She weighs just three

I restored her in 1985 at a cost of ?2000, and drove her to
nearly all our big shows and rallies. Mr. Ted B. Small of RR #1,
Box 14, Lowden, Washington 99360, was most helpful in finding me
two wheel slave brake cylinders and a master cylinder from a
scrapped 1941, International K-6 truck in a scrap yard. He was a
big help as nothing at all was available over here in England.

In three years of investigation, I have not found anyone in
England or America who has seen one or knows anything of these
models. When I do learn of another one like it, I will welcome the
knowledge. Until then, I claim it is unique.

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