Two-Cylinder Club Offers Antique Product Folders

| September/October 1991

Submitted by Dave Trumbauer, Two-Cylinder Club P.O. Box 2275 Waterloo, Iowa 50704

The Two Cylinder Club Worldwide has been authorized by Deere & Company to offer reproductions of 18 old John Deere tractor folders to members and non-members alike. The oldest folder is a 1929 black-and-white, 8-page issue featuring a John Deere Model 'GP' tractor, a 2-bottom plow, a 3-bot-tom plow, 3-row integral planter, and a 3-row front-mounted cultivator. The most recent is a 1959 full-color, 28-page folder which features the General-Purpose 530, 630, and 730 tractors,.

The Two Cylinder Club Worldwide is a non-profit organization formed in 1984 with 500 members and now has over 18,500 members in 22 countries and all 50 states, devoted to the restoration, collection and history of John Deere two-cylinder tractors.

'The club is now approaching 19,000 members and the requests for information regarding these two-cylinder tractors are increasing every day,' said Jack Cherry, one of two directors of the club. 'We believe these folders will go a long way to help some of our members get answers to many of their questions.'

The recent interest in antique tractors has caused a corresponding interest in and demand for old John Deere product folders, according to Ralph Hughes, Deere & Company's advertising director.

'Sales folders from the 70s, '30s, and '40s frequently sell at flea markets or in antique shops for $10 to $25 a copy, depending on the condition of the folder and the rarity of the tractor model featured,' Hughes said. 'We believe these folders will help restorers of old John Deere two-cylinder tractors get the accuracy of detail they strive for.'