Twin City Tractor

| January/February 1970

Twin City tractor. Standing beside tractor from left to right are Mr. James Whitmore, my brother, Timothy, and that's me holding the crank.

Nichols & Shepard Thresher. Same three fellows standing beside it as in first picture.

T. C. Tractor belted to N. & S. Thresher.

These pictures are of a Twin City tractor and a Nichols & Shepard thresher which my Dad, Brother, and I had a share in purchasing in 1964 while we were living in Wyoming, Delaware U.S.A. The threshing outfit was purchased from a Mr. Harry Schneider of Woodside, Delaware, who used it for quite a number of years in the Woodside area for custom threshing. The last year he used it he threshed over 100,000 bushels of wheat as well as other grains.

The tractor was built somewhere in the 1920's. It was rated at over 50 hp. and it ran on kerosene. It has a 16 valve engine in it.

The thresher is a 32 in. cylinder and a 52 in. body model and it was of wood construction.