| November/December 1982

  • FTA tractor

  • FTA tractor

R.R. 1, Ryder, ND 58779

According to Clifford Caron in the January-February 1976 Engineers & Engines, page 7, the Twin City 21-32 was built beginning in 1926. This first year the tractor had a two-speed transmission of 2.2 and 2.9 miles per hour. This model may have used the same rear end as the 17-28 model which has the TY casting or parts numbers beginning with those two letters. Does anyone have a 21-32 Twin City with just a two speed transmission?

When tested in Nebraska in 1926, tractor number 150026 was used in the test. The four cylinder engine of 4-inch bore and 6-inch stroke ran at 1000 RPMs. This was the FE engine with two cylinder blocks with two valves for each cylinder. It was equipped with a Robert Bosch model FU4 magneto, a Stromberg model M3 carburetor and a Donaldson air cleaner.

The steering worm on this model is inside the tractor transmission housing instead of on the outside. The belt pulley, 16 inches by 1 inches running at 650 RPMs, is on the right side. The rear steel drive wheels are 50 inches in diameter with 12-inch width having 16 spokes. The front steel wheels are 34 inches in diameter with 5-inch face or width. One source shows the rear steel wheel has 34 lugs; a catalog pictures it with 32 lugs, while the Nebraska test report states the wheels had 36 lugs on each one.

This model was rated 21-32 horsepower and used the letter designation FT until 1935 when the model was called the FTA. Also at this time the larger GE engine w as used. In 1936 the Nebraska test 270, the FTA tractor has a bore of 4% which is an eighth of an inch increase over the first model. The cubic inch displacement increased from 382 to 403. The engine RPM was also increased from 1000 to 1075.

A March 1930 The American Thresherman pictures the 21-32 from both sides. The advertisement calls the model a surplus powered medium-sized tractor introduced in January 1929, after four years of field tests. The 21-32 remained on the market until 1938. It was replaced by the GT Minneapolis Moline which came out beginning in 1938.


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