Tulsa Collector

| January/February 1992

Mobile home dealer Ralph Ekhoff is a tractor collector  who lives at 3629 S. 85th East Ave., Tulsa, OK 74145.

The following article is adapted from one by Nick Foltz which appeared in the September 23, 1984 edition of Tulsa World.

Ralph Ekhoff has five acres of land and 57 tractors. He figures that's enough land, but he'd like some more tractors.

Ekhoff is shattering custom-instead of using the tractors to help grow things on the land, he is using the land as a place to let his tractor collection grow.

As a teenager, Ekhoff drove an old Hart-Parr tractor and helped his father with wheat, corn and oat crops on the family farm near Anthony, Kansas. He learned how to make minor repairs and developed a fondness for husky work machines.

Now 72, Ekhoff spends much of his spare time restoring tractors for his 'tractor farm' south of Tulsa.