| December/January 1992

  • Tractor

  • Tractor

Reprinted with permission from the Waco, Texas Tribune-Herald. Sent to us try Jake Witzel, 117 Gail Dr., Waco, Texas 76708.

Nothing, it seems, withstands the march of time. One possible exception is Harrell Renfro's tractor.

Time caught up with Mr. Renfro last year when he died at age 83, but his tractor is still out in the field under the shade of a magnificent tree, apparently waiting for him to return.

With the way development transforms the land-uprooting trees, paving fields, displacing the homes of men, possums and raccoons-Mr. Renfro's tractor is an anomaly.

There it is, just behind Howey's restaurant at Highways 84 and 6, among American Plaza Tower, American Bank and the KWTX broadcasting studios

A friend of mine asked me about it one day. He said it seemed that tractor had been under that tree forever. Once all there was around it was pasture. Then, Richland Mall went up across Highway 6 and things changed rapidly.