| November/December 1983

  • Home-Made Tractor

  • Home-Made Tractor

Box 48, Graymont, IL 61743

Shown is the home-made tractor I made in 1981. The picture was taken at the Centennial in Flangon, Illinois where it was quite a popular attraction. That's me and my children, Randy and Bonnie, as usual, fighting over who is engineer. It causes quite a stir when they run it around the block here in our small town of Graymont with a population of a little over 100. Randy has even gotten his grandma (in her late 70's) on for a ride a couple of times!

The engine on this tractor is a 4 HP 4XK Economy kerosene burner; the rear wheels come from an old New Idea cornpicker with side elevator. The frame was made from old steel bridge I beams; and the differential is off of and airport luggage carrier.

I took the transmission from a 1937 Chevy and the sprockets on the differential are from a Peoria oat seeder. The sprockets on the rear wheels are off of a wood wheel seeder wagon; the steering comes from a worm drive off of a McCormick Deering binder that raises and lowers the bull wheel. The tractor has cross chain steering. The engine runs the hydraulic pump which in turn powers a hydraulic motor that powers the transmission.

The front axle was made from an anhydrous applicator frame, 2' solid steel with both ends machined to accommodate front wheels.

The water cooler at the front will actually work when the exhaust pulls air through the vertical tubes, but as yet is not hooked up.