Tribute To The 'WC'

| November/December 1992

'Tired Iron Troubador'   Rt 3, Box390 Bagley, Minnesota 5662 J

(Dedicated to the people who have owned and appreciated Attis-Chalmers tractors, especially the 'WC'.)

More than fifty years ago, there did appear upon the scene; A brand new streamlined tractor, ' twas no ordinary machine! With governor so lightening fast, 'twas peppy as could be; Need I tell you any more-It was the Allis 'WC'!

From the hottest days of Summer to the Winter's freezing cold; The 'WC would always start, a wonder to behold! Out in the field or on the belt, at any task put to; Across the rural countryside, its legend grew and grew!

It could plow and plant and cultivate and do the job up fast; Cut the hay and harvest grain when Autumn came at last; You could also take and hitch it to a heavy trailer load; And go ten miles an hour with it down a country road!

Have you ever wondered how the orange color came to be- Used on every Allis tractor and their farm machinery? Harry Merritt* one day long ago, while traveling through the West; Saw acres of wild poppies and their color he liked best!