TREE IN THE Radiator

| November/December 1983

  • Jim Fetty With  GP John Deere
    Jim Fetty, of 3062 S. Warren Road, North Jackson, O., 44451 with his restored 1930 GP John Deere.

  • Jim Fetty With  GP John Deere

Jim Fetty, of North Jackson, Ohio, who started collecting and restoring antique tractors five years ago at age 13, now has a total of 13-11 John Deere and two Case.

Jim's story was recently told in Farm and Dairy Weekly, published at Salem, Ohio, which granted us permission to quote. The way he started is picturesquely related by Judy C. Wolford:

'The very first tractor came from the woods on his uncle's farm. The uncle's father had torn the tractor apart, but before he could get the tractor back together, he died and the tractor continued to sit in the woods. After many years, the woods grew up around the tractor and its parts.

'To get the tractor back to the Fetty residence, many of the tractor parts had to be dug up as they had been covered over. A tree had grown through the radiator. But finally the tractor and its parts made it to the Fetty home. The parts and tractor were cleaned up and then rebuilt. The radiator with the tree growing through it was also repaired and is still in the tractor today.'

Jim, now a seasoned restorationist, estimates that a tractor 'in really bad shape' costs about $300 these days-and that's the kind he likes to find.

He starts from scratch, taking off all removable parts. Then he repairs all parts, replaces any that are missing, and proceeds with total restoration. He estimates one winter, while going to school, was needed to redo each tractor.