Tractors I Have Threshed With

| July/August 1989

RR #1 Box 320 Clinton, Illinois 61727

I think it was in July of 1966 I wrote an article on separators (threshing machines), so I thought I would write an article on tractors I have threshed with.

To begin, I'll have to give you a little background on when I started. My dad had a 15x45x65 Case, 20 HP Reeves, one of the late ones with Canadian boiler and 24x75 Port Huron, the first tractor I threshed with which was a new G. & T. 30x60. In 1921 it replaced the 20 HP Reeves. I was 16 years old. I pulled the road grader for the township. Dad got $3.00 per hour for the tractor, driver and gas was included in the $3.00. At that time, it would run a day on $5.00 worth of gas and oil. The tractor cost $4000.00. That doesn't sound like much today but the township paid for the tractor.

The next tractor was a 1926 20x40 Huber, bought in December. Later it was a 32x45 it replaced. The last steam engine, which was the 24x75 Port Huron, was bought new in 1914 so it threshed for 12 years.

The reason we had so many tactors was, Dad was a jobber who sold tractors and separators for Huber. Then he sort of quit. In 1932, I signed a contract with Oliver as their dealer. So, at threshing time we threshed with what we had. In '29 I purchased my complete rig which was an 18x38. Later on I had a 21x39 and a 32x54 Huber Supreme separator.

The next year, I bought a 32x54 Minneapolis and pulled it with an old Crossmotor Huber Super four 18x36 with a Midwest Motor. I then sold the 21x39 Huber and replaced it with a 40x62 Huber. After I became an Oliver dealer, they made a special price on 28x50 Hart Parr's, so Dad and I each bought one new for $900.00 as they were coming out with 28x44 engines like the Huber line.