Tractor Unearthed In Montana

By Staff
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We thought we were ready to pull her out.
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The dig-out gets underway.
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We have uncovered an IHC 15-30 Mogul.
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We cut the cable and out she came!
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The flywheel as spotted near the Yellowstone River.
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Uh-oh! Tractor was fastened on iron with 2' cable.
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Mogul being loaded on lowboy to await Jerry and his truck.

Oscar Cooke of Oscar’s Dreamland, Route 9, Billings, Montana
69102 sent this set of pictures showing the removal of a 15-30
Mogul tractor from a long-time resting place. His shop foreman
found the flywheel 20 years ago. Landowner Ralph Studer gave
permission for the tractor’s removal and Jerry Shahan of
Brasher, Missouri came out to do the job. The IHC 15-30 Mogul
waited at Oscar’s Dreamland until Jerry could bring his truck
from Missouri. He’ll now restore the tractor; we hope someday
to have an ‘after’ photo.

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