Motorcar/Tractor Satisfies Two Interests

| April/May 1993

  • Tractor

  • Tractor

RR I, Box 365, Hampden, Maine 04444

As a relative newcomer to the gas engine hobby, with a desire to be 'mobile' at the shows we attend in the northern New England area, I thought I would enclose a picture of my newly acquired motorcar/tractor.

This unit satisfies interests of both the railroad and gas engine-tractor enthusiast.

The tractor is an ex-General Electric battery powered Electra-Trac lawn tractor which has been re-powered by a Fairmont 5-8 HP railroad engine. The three forward speeds, one reverse transaxle are belt operated through a pillow block mounted jack shaft. The 'clutch' is actually a belt tensioner operated by the mower deck handle previously used to adjust the deck height.

Being a two-stroke engine, it makes quite a racket in spite of being muffled by a cherry-bomb muffler. It creates quite a 'stir' at the shows we attend as everyone tries to figure out what it is. It definitely does a fine job of keeping the blackfly-mosquito population under control.