1948 Massey-Harris Model 20

| February/March 2000

785 S 200 W Bountiful, Utah 84010

It all came about in a coffee shop while shooting the breeze with the boys. While visiting, one of the old guys said he had a John Deere on some property in Idaho. You know how old guys are, so I didn't pay much attention. This same guy mentioned the tractor again about a year later, and he also said there was a Massey-Ferguson, but that the John Deere was better.

I got to talking about the tractors at breakfast with some other boys on a Sunday at Our Place, the favorite breakfast stop. They said they would love to go on a rescue mission and that they hadn't been on one for over a year. The next weekend my wife and I drove to Idaho with the directions the old guy gave me. I didn't find anything but the entrance to his property.

During the next week I talked to the old guy again. I told him where I had gone and he said I was about 50 yards away from the tractors.

I drove back to Idaho the next weekend in my 4 x 4 so I could drive on the dirt roads and through the water hole which consumed the road in some areas. As we rounded a curve I could see up on a hill there sat a 1948 Massey Harris model 20. And over the next hill was a 1941 John Deere model B.

I went home and called Kirk Carey and asked if he was ready to get them. He said yes and rounded up some of the boys. We recruited Steve Phillips with his truck and trailer and our friend Richard Thomas. Kirk brought his truck and trailer, his daughter Angie and her boyfriend, Mike.