Tractor Comes Home

| January/February 1991

  • C.O.D. Tractor

  • C.O.D. Tractor

Box 88, Milnor, North Dakota 58060.

I'm an avid reader of GEM. I think your readers would find the following to be interesting, plus I need help.

I, Royce Granlund, am standing beside the antique C.O.D. tractor I recently purchased to bring back into the Granlund family. My grandfather, Emil Granlund, originally owned this tractor. This C.O.D. tractor is back in the family after being gone since 1958.

My grandfather farmed northwest of DeLamere, North Dakota. The tractor had served its purpose and was sitting in the trees for many years on the farmstead when my brothers, sisters, and myself used to play on it as kids.

In 1958 the old tractor was sold for scrap. Jimmy Rathert of Forman, North Dakota found it in the scrap yard and bought it. He in turn sold it to Jack Davis of Forman who managed to get the old tractor restored and running again. At Mr. Davis' estate sale, Homer Linderman of Carrington, North Dakota bought it.

Five or six years ago, while talking with Jimmy and his son, Rudy Rathert, we got to talking about the old C.O.D. Rathert remembered it had gone somewhere near Carrington, North Dakota. One weekend I went in search of the old tractor and after inquiring at numerous farms I finally found the tractor.