Toy Pedal Tractors

| July/August 1989

1432 Hughes Shop Road Westminster, Maryland 21157

For some years I have toyed with the idea of building antique pedal tractors. But, until the blessing of grandsons, it remained an idea. And then the time arrived when 'Pop Pop Santa' had to build his grandsons something special for Christmas. The one grandson fell in love with Pop Pop's 1942 U Moline, so my work was cut out.

The two tractors are replicas of a 1940 Moline R and 1937 John Deere A Open Post. They are made out of sheet steel, of 12, 14, and 22 gauge. It took about 100 hours for each tractor and I used the wheels and crank of production tractors. They weigh about fifteen pounds more than a cast tractor.

I have started a third tractor which is an 8N Ford. This tractor will probably be for sale. I would be willing to build any antique tractor into a pedal tractor. The only problem is they would be awfully expensive.