'Toy Engine'

| March/April 1973

Larsen 1110 No. 3rdAve. Kelso, Washington 98626.

I enjoy the G. E. M. and especially your column the Smoke Rings.

I am a collector of small power producers that should be divided three ways:

First--60 old toy steam engines and hot air engines. Included in this group are stationary engines, traction engines, road rollers and hot air engines, also a 16 inch hot air fan.

Second--16 old toy electric motors, all direct current and from one volt to 6 volts, battery operated.

Third--11 small gas engines rated from one-half horse power to one horse power. I have the five main models of the Maytag engines from the first single vertical thru to the latest twin cylinder. I also have an old Monitor Rotary lawn mower that came out with a twin cylinder Maytag engine. Then I have an Elgin 'Hafa Hors' No. 15220. This is an upside down engine. The crank case is above the cylinder. I also have a Johnson Utilimoter No. 12869, a Briggs Stratton model F. H. No. 19000, a Jacobsen No. Z-l-325-16, another small air-cooled engine that came out on the Standard cream separator and also on milking machines of another make. I do not know who made this engine but I would sure like to know. Can anyone tell me for sure?