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R. R. 33 Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N3H 4R8

Collecting stones and building kites were favorite pastimes of
our son, Mark. As a young lad it seemed the only place he had to
call his own was the space under his bed. That is where his
collection was kept, along with go-cart parts, bike parts and, as
he grew older, car parts. Vacuuming was impossible.

In 1991, the feature of the Ontario Steam and Antique Preservers
Association, Milton, Ontario, was homemade models. Here is a
picture of a 3/4 scale model of an 1896
Froehlich tractor built by our son, Mark Kinzie, and displayed at
the show.

I’m sure Mark’s wife, Carol, appreciates the fact that
the tractor and gas engine are too large to store under the bed!
Vacuuming must be a breeze!

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