Tidbits from Tom

| March/April 1974

First I want to thank all the engine collectors that have helped me to determine the age of some of my engines in reference to my letter in GEM in the 1972 Nov.-Dec. issue. To name a few, Walter (Doc) Schrage - Charleton W. Mull - D. E. Jacobsen - Barwise W. Man-waring Jr. - Richard E. Lagree -and others that wrote me. Thanks fellows. I do wish others I wrote to would answer my letters.

In August of last year I drove to New Haven, Ind., to see Doc Schrage. I arrived at Doc's place about 7:30 in the evening. Doc is full of nformation, especially on Maytag engines. He has a fine collection of Maytags and also a few hit and miss engines. The next day Doc and I drove to Van Wert, Ohio to see Victor Lippi who had about 40 engines. I think Victor has about the finest collection of engines I have ever seen. All restored, but a few of them. Just beautiful! If anyone of you are out his way stop to see Victor. His address is 60 Cable St. Van Wert, Ohio. The trip was just over a 1000 miles but I enjoyed driving thru Ohio and a small part of Indiana.

I have added three more engines to my collection in the last year. An Associated about 1-1/2 hp, Fuller - Johnson 2 hp and a Plix.

I have never heard of a Plix. It's a one cylinder upright water-cooled. It has a solid brass radiator, including the water tank. No serial on it. I have no idea what this engine was used for or what it came off from. So once again Fellows, I need help on this one.

In Nov. 73 on my way to Florida, I was driving south on Interstate 95, I stopped in to see Robert Rogers in Dillon S.C. Robert has a Living Farm Museum. Many things to see there. Well worth stopping!!

I purchased this engine in June 1973. It's a Plix. It has no name plate on it, but would guess it to be about 1 horse power. Anyone having one like it, I sure would like to hear from them. The radiator is honeycomb and is solid brass including the tank. Radiator was made in Buffalo, N.Y. by the Fedders Radiator Co. Please fellows I need information on this one. I will answer all letters. I've never heard this name before -- have any of you readers? - Anna Mae-.