| November/December 1971

  • 4 wheeled Happy Farmer
    Courtesy of Earlene Ritzman, 808 Wertzville Road, Enola, Pennsylvania 17025.
    Earlene Ritzman

  • 4 wheeled Happy Farmer

1616 1st. S. W., Huron, South Dakota 57350.

In reply to Mr. Lowell Carson's excellent article in the Sept.-Oct.-l 970 issue of G. E. M. on the three wheel John Deere Dain tractor.

It saddens me to say I do not know the whereabouts of any surviving Dain tractors in the Huron, S. D. area where Mr. Carson's story ends, but perhaps can add a little to an already very interesting story.

Mr. F. R. Brumwell was the John Deere dealer in Huron during the time mentioned in Lowell Carson's story. He also operated a lumber yard, grain elevator and mill. He also had a large farm north of Huron on the James River known as the Brumwell ranch.

The John Deere company would often ship new implements to Mr. Brumwell for trial and experimentation on his farm.

In the late 40's I worked for Mr. Brumwell's son R. F. Brumwell who I will refer to as Roy throughout the rest of the story, as he and i were good friends for many years. Roy passed away about two years ago.