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| December/January 1994

2225 North F Street, Stockton, California 95205

Our collecting 'old iron' didn't start instantly. My husband Donald had one nice old garden tractor on the front lawn for several years and never gave a thought to adding to it.

Then on a vacation, a year and a half ago, he spotted an old rusty tractor and asked about it. The guy said, 'You can have it for $75, but you have to take them both.' (As it turns out, my husband likes the second one better, it is an Ottawa Buzz Saw). We did buy them, but we couldn't rent a trailer there on Sunday, so we said we would have to get back to them later. We went back to pick them up and took the 'scenic route' home, and bought another tractor before we got home.

Now, on our weekend drives, I must always be prepared for lengthy stops 'just to say hello' or 'just to take a look.' He won't talk three minutes on the telephone, but let some farmer or tractor collector stand still for two minutes and he'll talk for 45 minutes to an hour and still think it was only a few minutes. I usually have to take along a note pad to write down 'pertinent information.' I also bring along a book to read and a snack, in case we don't make it to 'civilization' before I starve. He usually takes back roads so he can peer into backyards or fields. He even carries a set of binoculars in each vehicle, 'just in case.'

Standard equipment for our weekend drives is the map book, a tablet and pen, camera (to photograph all the tractors he sees), and the high power camera lens (to photograph all the tractors 'up close and personal,' and to get a view of the ones he can't get close to). We also take along his three garden tractor books so he can research 'on the spot' anything that looks different. We take his two large photo albums of all the tractors we have ever seen, to share with anyone willing to look at them, which is usually most of the people he talks to on our drives.

When we are on our way to or from a specific town of any distance from our home, it can take double or triple the time to get there. He wants to go on 'undiscovered' roads to see what is there. While in the car, at any given moment, he will stop the car and turn around to go back and get a better look at something. He even does this while pulling the trailer. 'It'll follow,' he says.


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