This 1928 Case Won Hettinger Parade Trophy

| October/November 1990

Route 2 Mott, North Dakota 58646.

Thought you might be interested in this little cutie. I bought it on an auction at Aberdeen, South Dakota early fall of 1989. It was hailed out bad!

My son and I spent most of the winter on it. The head had been off for more years than it was on, I'm sure. The pistons were beyond use and sleeves had been rusted through. Everything was rusted into one solid chunk. Couldn't turn or move anything. The manifold, air cleaner, carburetor and numerous other things were missing. Radiator core and gas tank were a total loss. The most disappointing thing we ran into, after getting the old sleeves and pistons out, was the block was also cracked. Everything but the air cleaner is back to original.

We believe it to be a 1928 12-20 Case. We had it in two parades over the Fourth of July weekend. It runs and performs like new. It was an eye catcher at both Dickinson and Hettinger, North Dakota parades.

I have several old tractors and gas engines and have had things in numerous parades but never had the interest and compliments this tractor brought me. We picked up a trophy on it at the Hettinger parade.

If you would want more info on it or anything else, I would be glad to discuss it. Phone (701) 824-2637.