These Are All Restored and Run GREAT

| April/May 1999

  • Maytag Twin

  • Maytag Twin

3937 County Road, 609 Cardwell, Missouri 63829

This is a photo of my finished engines. Left to right, they are: two Maytag Twins, Maytag single, Model H Briggs and Stratton, and a Model 5S Briggs & Stratton; all engines are restored and run great. I also have another Maytag single with a long frame gas tank, and a 1938 Maytag Twin with an offset kick pedal that I am working on. I enjoy GEM very much, especially articles on small air-cooled engines.

I also have some tractors: 1953 G John Deere, 1955 50 John Deere, 1938 F-14 Farmall, 1951 M Farmall, and 1951 M Farmall hi-drum cotton picker tractor.